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                                              • everyone knows the best way to build up to 26.2 miles is by running long, slow distances.The voice broke in excitedly. "Don't tell me. It's James!"

                                                10 Since this was written I have made arrangements for doing as I have wished, and the first volume of the series will now very shortly be published.

                                                                                            • There was something vaguely familiar in the lilt of the voice. Bond said, "Could I speak to Commander Ross? This is a friend from London."

                                                                                              Remarkably, they seemed fine after their near-death day in the canyons. They’d put away a goodmeal of tortillas and frijoles that evening, and I hadn’t heard any sounds of distress from thebathroom during the night.

                                                                                                                                          • In those days I read a little, and did learn to read French and Latin. I made myself familiar with Horace, and became acquainted with the works of our own greatest poets. I had my strong enthusiasms, and remember throwing out of the window in Northumberland Street, where I lived, a volume of Johnson’s Lives of the Poets, because he spoke sneeringly of Lycidas. That was Northumberland Street by the Marylebone Workhouse, on to the back-door of which establishment my room looked out — a most dreary abode, at which I fancy I must have almost ruined the good-natured lodging-house keeper by my constant inability to pay her what I owed.'I would love a glass of vodka,' she said simply, and went back to her study of the menu.

                                                                                                                                            AND INDIA.