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~::长久传奇私服1.76复古|Jimena Carranza::~

~::长久传奇私服1.76复古|Jimena Carranza::~

                                              • Chapter 4

                                                So now James Bond paused before he replied to Major Townsend's question about how he could be of help. He looked at the Soft Man and then into the fire. He added up the accuracy of the description he had been given of Major Townsend's appearance, and before he said what he had been told to say, he gave Colonel Boris ninety out of a hundred. The big, friendly face, the wide-apart, pale-brown eyes, bracketed by the wrinkles of a million smiles, the military moustache, the rimless monocle dangling from a thin black cord, the brushed-back, thinning sandy hair, the immaculate double-breasted blue suit, stiff white collar and brigade tie-it was all there. But what Colonel Boris hadn't said was that the friendly eyes were as cold and steady as gunbarrels and that the lips were thin and scholarly."Sure. Come and try. But brother, you'd better be tops."

                                                                                          • Yet it sustain'd no Loss, as I cou'd see,Bond wiped some of it off his face and looked at it. His stomach turned. God! The man had tried to follow him, had been too late or had missed his jump, and had been caught by the murderous blades of the snow-fan! Mincemeat! Bond dug a handful of snow off the bank and wiped it over his face and hair. He rubbed more of it down his sweater. He suddenly realized that people were pulling down the windows in the brilliantly-lit train above him. Others had got down on the line. Bond pulled himself together and punted off down the black ice of the road. Shouts followed him - the angry bawls of Swiss citizens. Bond edged his skis a little against the camber of the road and kept going. Ahead of him, down the black gulch of the road, in his mind's eye, the huge red propeller whirred, sucking him into its steel whirlpool. Bond, close to delirium, slithered on towards its bloody, beckoning vortex.

                                                                                            What does Joanne offer that the institution can't? Shemakes me feel good. I believe she cares about me, andother customers feel the same way about her. You cantell by the way they talk with her. This charming ladybrightens up the whole place.Kronsteen lowered his head one inch in acknowledgment. He turned and walked softly out of the room.

                                                                                                                                      • Bond smoked for a minute.

                                                                                                                                        AND INDIA.