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~::最新传奇私服1.95版|Jimena Carranza::~

                                                            Bond felt her hand at his neck. She kept it there as they swayed and thundered down the track. At the lake, Bond went on fifty yards into the water and turned the machine round and put it in neutral. Through the oblong slot he could see the pack streaming round the last bend. He reached down for the rifle and pushed it through the aperture. Now the dogs were in the water and swimming. Bond kept his finger on the trigger and sprayed bullets into the middle of them. One floundered, kicking. Then another and another. He could hear their snarling screams above the clatter of the engine. There was blood in the water, A fight had started. He saw one dog leap on one of the wounded ones and sink its teeth into the back of its neck. Now they all seemed to have gone berserk. They were milling around in the frothing bloody water. Bond emptied his magazine among them and dropped the gun on the floor. He said, "That's that, Honey," and put the machine into gear and swung it round and began rolling at an easy speed across the shallow lake towards the distant gap in the mangroves that was the mouth of the river.`To SMERSH!'

                                                            Bond looked at her quietly. He did as she told him.

                                                                                                                    鈥業 am in excellent health, thank God, and Florrie seems to be getting all right again. She and I 鈥減ull well together, when yoked twain and twain.鈥 I have not seen a single white face but hers鈥攏ot even in travelling here鈥攕ince I left the dear Amritsar bungalow. I think that I shall improve more rapidly in the language here than if I had remained at my first station.VII THE THIRD AND CRUCIAL YEAR OF THE WAR

                                                                                                                    Those, however, who best knew the Earl, could perceive, notwithstanding the efforts he made to entertain his company, that during this evening of unparalleled gaiety and splendour,[353] there was a slight shade of melancholy on his brow; and a tendency, while he sat at supper, to that, scarcely observable, movement of the head, before mentioned.'We have a most important intelligence network in China known as the Macao "Blue Route". The fruits of this source would be placed entirely at your disposal.'

                                                                                                                                                                            鈥楳y last dear ayah is not forgotten. I have given orders for a modest little monument of brick and mortar, to mark where Hannah sleeps. We have no stones here. I went to the cemetery with the mason, ... to give directions, and was struck by finding a tiny but touching memorial already on the spot. A very little wooden Cross, covered with paper, to facilitate the writing of an inscription. There was the date, of course in Urdu, and 鈥淣ot dead, but sleepeth鈥滬 and 鈥淭he Lord gave; the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the Name of the Lord.鈥 This tribute of love had been placed over his dear Mother鈥檚 grave by J., the eldest son[443] here, a lad of about fourteen. I mean to keep to his inscription, when the humble monument is placed over Hannah鈥檚 dust. Dear woman! she was of the meek and quiet spirits who are precious to the Lord.鈥?If you think them pretty, say I may always stop, and see you write!' said Dora. 'Do you think them pretty?'

                                                                                                                                                                            AND INDIA.