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                                          • Bond tucked his hot gun into the waistband of his trousers. He said roughly to the girl, "Come on." He reached for her hand and pulled her after him into the mouth of the side tunnel. He said, "Sorry about that, Honey," and started running, pulling her after him by the hand. She said, "Don't be stupid." Then there was no sound but the thud of their naked feet on the stone floor.Two from the Rhine, and one from Nance:

                                            But it was only an infinitesimal clink of foils and as the bowing ma?tre d'h?tel led them through the crowded room, it was forgotten as Bond in her wake watched the heads of the diners turn to look at her.

                                                                                  • But the Garden of Death hadn't quite finished the display of its wares.

                                                                                    There was a smack as his fist was caught in the other man's left hand, and, at the same time as the contact telegraphed to Bond's mind that there could have been no gun, there came the well-remembered laugh and the lazy voice saying: "No good, James. The angels have got you."I know no more disagreeable trouble into which an author may plunge himself than of a quarrel with his critics, or any more useless labour than that of answering them. It is wise to presume, at any rate, that the reviewer has simply done his duty, and has spoken of the book according to the dictates of his conscience. Nothing can be gained by combating the reviewer’s opinion. If the book which he has disparaged be good, his judgment will be condemned by the praise of others; if bad, his judgment will he confirmed by others. Or if, unfortunately, the criticism of the day be in so evil a condition generally that such ultimate truth cannot be expected, the author may be sure that his efforts made on behalf of his own book will not set matters right. If injustice be done him, let him bear it. To do so is consonant with the dignity of the position which he ought to assume. To shriek, and scream, and sputter, to threaten actions, and to swear about the town that he has been belied and defamed in that he has been accused of bad grammar or a false metaphor, of a dull chapter, or even of a borrowed heroine, will leave on the minds of the public nothing but a sense of irritated impotence.

                                                                                                                          • But now he would attack the arm that held the whip and the gun. The business of espionage could be left to the white-collar boys. They could spy, and catch the spies. He would go after the threat behind the spies, the threat that made them spy.“I’ll guess forty-five.”

                                                                                                                            AND INDIA.