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                                              • The guitarist, a tall, gaunt Negro, got slowly to his feet. The whites of his eyes showed, He squinted at the golden gun in Bond's hand. He said uncertainly, as if signing his own death warrant, "Me, sah."

                                                Bond nodded. "I was only trying it on you, Mary. All right, let's start again at the last stop. Write:The girl gave him no chance to get a glimpse of her passport. As soon as the car stopped she said something about tidying up and disappeared into the 'Dames'. Bond had gone through the Controle and was dealing with the triptyque when she reappeared, her passport stamped. At the Swiss Customs she chose the excuse of getting something out of her suitcase. Bond hadn't got time to hang about and call her bluff.

                                                                                          • Bond turned round. "Yes," he said. He lit a cigarette. Through the smoke, his eyes looked very directly at the Chief of Staff. "But just tell me this, Bill. Why's the old man got cold feet about this job? He's even looked up the results of my last medical. What's he so worried about? It's not as if this was Iron Curtain business. America's a civilized country. More or less. What's eating him?"'A woman.'

                                                                                                                                      • Weasel. O, it is not for me to say, your honour.M. frowned. "That's what I said," he commented drily. "It doesn't seem to you odd that a multi-millionaire should cheat at cards?"

                                                                                                                                        AND INDIA.