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                                    • Soaring Honours, vain Persuits of Pleasure,

                                      The Rasta gave the whistle lanyard a long pull. When the shriek had died away, he simply said "Sheeit," kicked the furnace door open, and began shovelling coal.And Bell had bought it. Without any hesitation. And he had asked for the 00 to be passed to him after the day's racing in the Acme Mud and Sulphur Baths where he went every evening to take a mud bath to keep his weight down. Six o'clock. And Leiter had promised that this would be done. And Bond now had the 00 in his pocket and he had reluctantly agreed to help Leiter out by going to the Acme Baths to make the pay-off if Shy Smile failed to win the race.

                                                                        • 'Your two men. Both dead. You are a fool and a thief and a traitor. I have been sent from the Soviet union to eliminate you. You are fortunate that I have only time to shoot you. If it was possible, I was instructed that you should die most painfully. We cannot see the end of the trouble you have caused.'

                                                                          'Oh, but, really? Do tell me. Are they, though?' she said.

                                                                                                            • 'I am very glad to hear it,' said I.[431]

                                                                                                              AND INDIA.