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                                • `Yes, Comrade Colonel.'

                                  'It is merely different from yours. Most of our funny stories involve death or disaster. I am not a "picture-daddy" - a professional story-teller - but I will tell you my favourite. It concerns the young girl who comes to the toll bridge. She tosses one sen, a very small piece of money, to the watchman, and walks on. The watchman calls after her, "Hey! You know that the toll for crossing the bridge is two sen." The girl answers, "But I do not intend to cross the bridge. I intend only to go halfway and then throw myself into the river." ' Tiger laughed uproariously.Suddenly, behind the glass, he saw movement. As he watched, a pair of eyes materialized from behind the electric light bulb. They stopped and looked at him, the bulb making a yellow glass nose between them. They gazed incuriously at him and then they were gone. Bond's lips snarled back from his teeth. So his progress was going to be observed, reported back to Doctor No!

                                                              • 'It's of not a bit of use,' said Dora, shaking her head, until the ear-rings rang again. 'You know what a little thing I am, and what I wanted you to call me from the first. If you can't do so, I am afraid you'll never like me. Are you sure you don't think, sometimes, it would have been better to have -'I'm absolutely convinced that if I'd started bytelling the officer his radar was off or by losing my temperand getting angry and telling him I'm the mayor'scousin and I'll never visit this town again, I'd bedoomed from the start. If I want the officer to like me,to be understanding and not give me a ticket, then Ihave to assume a Really Useful Attitude like "I'm sorry"39or "Fair enough" or "My, what a fool I am" or "Oh wow,yes, thanks!"The last time I got stopped, the officer followed meinto the village supermarket parking lot and pulled toa stop across the back of my car; I got out and walked tohis car. From his physical appearance, with his beardand body set, I figured he was a Kinesthetic, or feeling-based person (you'll learn more about this later), so thefirst words out of my mouth were "Fair and square."That's because there was no doubt I was in the wrong.

                                                                "What's that mean?"鈥楯uly 13.鈥擸es, love, we did intensely enjoy those concerts in H. Square. I want you to enjoy more concerts. It is curious how useful I have found my little music in the evening of my days. I sometimes think of dear Mother鈥檚 words to me,鈥斺€淒o not give up your music.鈥濃

                                                                                            • “Wherever Fingall lifts his spear, there willEach dark conjecture came and for a moment settled like a vulture on Bond's shoulder and croaked into his ear that he had been a blind fool. Blind, blind, blind. From the moment he had sat in his office after the night at Blades and made his mind up about Drax being a dangerous man he should have been on his toes. At the first smell of trouble, the marks on the chart for instance, he should have taken action. But what action? He had passed on each clue, each fear. What could he have done except kill Drax? And get hanged for his pains? Well, then. What about the present? Should he stop and telephone the Yard? And let the car get away? For all he knew Gala was being taken for a ride and Drax planned to get rid of her on the way to Dover. And that Bond might conceivably prevent if only his car could take it.

                                                                                              AND INDIA.