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                                        • "It's all right, thanks." James Bond had already lit his cigarette. "No, it's nothing local. I want to... I've been sent out to... ask you to recall your work for the Service at the end of the war." James Bond paused and looked down at Major Smythe carefully. "Particularly the time when you were working with the Miscellaneous Objectives Bureau."Inside the hood, Bond's face began to sweat and his eye socket was slippery against the rubber of the eyepiece. That didn't matter. It was only his hands, his trigger finger, that must stay bone dry. As the minutes ticked by, he frequently blinked his eyes to rest them, shifted his limbs to keep them supple, listened to the music to relax his mind.

                                          First rubber to M. and Bond. Drax looked annoyed. He had lost ?900 on the rubber and the cards seemed to be running against them.Under the sea-grape bush, a hundred and twenty miles away from the scene of the dream, James Bond's had came up with a jerk. He looked quickly, guiltily, at his watch. Three-thirty. He went off to his room and had a cold shower, verified that his cedar wedges would do what they were meant to do, and strolled down the corridor to the lobby.

                                                                              • I offer you all my heartfelt thanks. You are livingproof that other people are our greatest resource.'There!' said Dora. 'Now you're going to be cross!'

                                                                                And then they stopped, stock still, and there was James facing them, his gun arming dead steady between the two bodies! His voice cracked like a whip across the lawn. "All right! This is it! Turn round! The first man drops his television gets shot.""You mean a detective?"

                                                                                                                    • 'No,' said Steerforth.'But it must not be on me, Trotwood,' returned Agnes, with a pleasant smile. 'It must be on someone else.'

                                                                                                                      AND INDIA.