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                                            Chapter 64Bond nodded.

                                            I had leisure to think, before the kitchen fire, of pretty little Emily's dread of death - which, added to what Mr. Omer had told me, I took to be the cause of her being so unlike herself - and I had leisure, before Peggotty came down, even to think more leniently of the weakness of it: as I sat counting the ticking of the clock, and deepening my sense of the solemn hush around me. Peggotty took me in her arms, and blessed and thanked me over and over again for being such a comfort to her (that was what she said) in her distress. She then entreated me to come upstairs, sobbing that Mr. Barkis had always liked me and admired me; that he had often talked of me, before he fell into a stupor; and that she believed, in case of his coming to himself again, he would brighten up at sight of me, if he could brighten up at any earthly thing.So now Bond, who knew these things, decided to make it easy and quick for M. He got to his feet. "That's all right, sir. I suppose the Chief of Staff has got all the gen. I'd better go and put in some practice. It wouldn't do to miss." He walked to the door.

                                                                                    When it comes to mentors, you can’t beat survival; just trying to fill his belly every day and avoidpissing off, for instance, two black-backed jackals mating beneath a baobob was an excellent wayfor Louis to begin absorbing the wizardry of a master tracker. He learned to look at piles of zebradung and distinguish which droppings came from which animal; intestines, he discovered, haveridges and grooves that leave unique patterns on feces. Learn to tell them apart, and you can singleout a zebra from an exploding herd and track it for days by its distinctive droppings. Louis learnedto hunch over a set of fox tracks and re-create exactly what it was doing: here, it was movingslowly as it scented around for mice and scorpions, and look, that’s where it trotted off withsomething in its mouth. A swirl of swept dirt told him where an ostrich had taken a dust bath, andlet him backtrack to find its eggs. Meerkats make their warrens in hard-pan, so why were theydigging here in soft sand? Must mean there’s a den of tasty scorpions….M interjected sourly. "All these people seem to have a hell of a lot of money to throw about on their damned birds."

                                                                                    Bond smiled. How did the old devil know these things? Should he warn Security? No. This man had become a friend. And anyway, all this was Herkos Odonton!“Where you may have dined, sir, or with whom, are not points for me to dispute; but,” persisted our naval hero, “the gentleman dancing with Lady Julia L. is Captain Montgomery!”

                                                                                                                            Q: What do you consider the real beginning of the folk music movement in America?

                                                                                                                            AND INDIA.