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                                                                      • Incidentally, the "hands-free" handshake works wondersin presentations when you want to establish rapportwith a group or audience.

                                                                        Bond drew Franklin's map towards him and studied it. He reflected that he was learning quite a lot on this case -about other people's businesses, other people's secrets, from the innards of the College of Arms to the innards of Ag. and Fish. Odd how this gigantic, many-branched tree had grown from one tiny seed in September - a girl calling banco in a casino and not having the money to pay. And what about Bond's letter of resignation? That looked pretty silly now. He was up to his ears, as deeply as ever in his life before, in his old profession. And now a big mopping-up job would have to be done. And he would have to do it, or at any rate lead it, organize it. And Bond knew exactly what he was going to put to M when the tea and whisky came. Only he could do the cleaning up. It was written in his stars!"We don't think in terms of price at all. Whatever we sell has got to be up to our standard in quality material, quality workmanship, and quality of design. … You see, you've got to have a point of view in this thing. That's all we've got is a point of view, and we stick to it."

                                                                                                                                          • Bond's thoughts were interrupted by rougher going under the wheels. They had crossed the lake and were on the track that led up the mountain to the huts. The cabin tilted and the machine began to climb. In five minutes they would be there.Bond told him. "Okay. You'll get the money in the morning. Be calling you shortly." The phone went dead.

                                                                                                                                            CHAPTER 6 - TWO MEN IN STRAW HATS鈥楽ept. 20.鈥擜s regards my little Indian tales, I have sent a good many to Nelson, who has accepted them; and consequently I suppose intends to publish them. It is very likely that they have[232] been appearing in the Family Treasury.... Sadiq had just come from Batala, where he had seen B鈥攏. Dear Sadiq! I think that he must have gone altogether seven or eight times to Batala. He is a friend worth having. B鈥攏 expressed his willingness to bring his little girls to Amritsar; but his baby was so very, very ill, that he feared she could not be moved.... The little lamb appeared to be sinking fast. My surprise is how she has been kept alive so long. The last account was that the baby was 鈥渘ot fit to be picked off the charpai鈥滬[47] she seemed dying. Dear little martyred innocent,鈥攄ying because her father gave himself to Christ! B鈥攏 intends to bring his two elder children; but of course nothing can be done while baby is dying....

                                                                                                                                                                                                              • 'Young or old, Davy dear, as long as I am alive and have this house over my head,' said Peggotty, 'you shall find it as if I expected you here directly minute. I shall keep it every day, as I used to keep your old little room, my darling; and if you was to go to China, you might think of it as being kept just the same, all the time you were away.'

                                                                                                                                                                                                                AND INDIA.