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~::传奇私服一进地图就卡跑不动|Jimena Carranza::~

~::传奇私服一进地图就卡跑不动|Jimena Carranza::~

                                        • Bond sat still and said nothing.At nine o'clock he left the hideout. Again the moon blazed down and there was total silence except for the distant burping and bubbling of the fumaroles and the occasional sinister chuckle of a gecko from the shrubbery. He took the same route as the night before, came through the same belt of trees and stood looking up at the great bat-winged donjon that towered up to the sky. He noticed for the first time that the warning balloon with its advertisement of danger was tethered to a pole on the corner of the balustrade surrounding what appeared to be the main floor - the third, or centre one of the five. Here, from several windows, yellow light shone faintly, and Bond guessed that this would be his target area. He let out a deep sigh and strode quietly off across the gravel and came without incident to the tiny entrance under the wooden bridge.

                                          While he, Bond, had been playing Red Indians through the years (yes, Le Chiffre's description was perfectly accurate), the real enemy had been working quietly, coldly, without heroics, right there at his elbow.'Now, my dear friend -'I began.

                                                                              • The path led through the grove. Derek looked about him. "In there," he said. "I'll go first. Keep your head down."“Math. Math and physics.”

                                                                                'Yes.'Chapter 3

                                                                                                                    • By now it was dawn - about five o'clock, Bond guessed - and he reflected that a mile or two on was the turning to Le Chiffre's villa. He had not thought that they would take Vesper there. Now that he realized that Vesper had only been a sprat to catch a mackerel the whole picture became clear."Who d'you think we are?" the hunchback's voice rose to an indignant squeak. "Some sort of a cheap crook outfit? Well, hell." He shrugged his shoulders resignedly. "Can't expect a Limey to understand the way things are over here these days." The eyes went dull again. "Now listen to what I say. This is my number. Put it down. Wisconsin 7-3697. And write this down, too. But keep it to yourself or you may get your tongue cut out." Shady Tree's short, shrill laugh was not merry. "Fourth race on Tuesday. The Perpetuities Stakes. Mile and a quarter for Three Year Olds. And put your money on just before the windows close. You'll shift the odds with that Grand of yours. Okay?"

                                                                                                                      AND INDIA.