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                                                • 7 Un-real Estate"Well then, here's The Desert Inn. Wilbur Clark's place. But the money came from the old Cleveland-Cincinatti combination. And that dump with the flat-iron sign is The Sahara. Latest thing. Listed owners are a bunch of small-time gamblers from Oregon. Funny thing they lost ,000 on their opening night. Would ya believe it! All the big shots come along with their pockets full of dough to make some courtesy play, make the fust night a success, y'unnerstand. It's a custom here for the rival outfits to gather round at an opening. But boy, the cards just wouldn't co-operate and the opposition guys walked off with fifty Grand! Town's laffing about it still. Then," he waved to the left where the neon was wrought into a twenty-foot covered wagon at full gallop, "Ya get The Last Frontier. That's a dummy Western town on the left. Worth seein'. And over there's The Thunderbird, and across the road's The Tiara. Snazziest joint in Vegas. Guess ya know about Mister Spang and all that?" He slowed down and halted opposite the Spang hotel, which was topped by a ducal coronet of brilliant lights that winked on and off in a lost battle with the glaring sun and the reflections from the highway.

                                                  'N-n-no!' replied Dora, faintly.Upstairs, Downstairs, says Jean, "didn't spring new-minted. My friend Eileen Atkins and I had been talking about trying to devise a television series. We thought we should write something we knew about — about our pasts. And it became servants more than anything else, because her father had been a butler. She was showing me pictures of her family one day; she had photographs of servants going to a pub in a horse-drawn bus. So the first thing we wrote about was servants going on an outing. And later we decided it wouldn't be nearly as interesting unless we included the people upstairs."

                                                                                                • 'I am all in a tremble,' faltered my mother. 'I don't know what's the matter. I shall die, I am sure!'

                                                                                                  Tom's mind is currently on a 19th-century farce, Nothing but the Truth, which he plans to start rehearsing this fall and hopes to eventually bring to Broadway. Dick, meanwhile, is thinking more about the jeep he recently won in a celebrity auto race. "I'm going to drive it home to Santa Cruz," he commented, with obvious satisfaction. "It has four-wheel drive, bush guards, a roll bar, and heavy off-road tires. It's perfect for Manhattan."'No. You're a lousy goddam lover. Get out!'

                                                                                                                                                • And it was in that way that the evening passed and Bond's head reeled with all the practical feminine problems she raised, in high seriousness, but he was surprised to find that all this nest-building gave him a curious pleasure, a feeling that he had at last come to rest and that life would now be fuller, have more meaning, for having someone to share it with. Togetherness! What a curiously valid clichй it was!

                                                                                                                                                  AND INDIA.