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~::多宝游戏盒子和逗游|Jimena Carranza::~

~::多宝游戏盒子和逗游|Jimena Carranza::~

                            • Vladivostock. A photographic Reconnaissance by U.S. Thunderjet.

                              'The Japanese Geheimdienst. They will certainly have relations with the British Secret Service.'Pleydell-Smith leant through the window. He said, "Ever heard the Jamaican expression 'rarse'?"

                                                      • 'I'm just curious.'"Yes, Sir," said Bond. He knew that this was M's way of saying that, if Bond had killed the men, M would make sure that neither Bond nor the Service was mentioned at the inquest.

                                                        Hold tight, Bond said to himself. He smothered her in towards him and held his breath.'Well, anyway, they do,' said Violet obstinately. 'They make me hiccup. No harm in saying that, is there?'

                                                                                • So it's not all part of a dream and I am lying in the back of the Studillac and this is Tiffany's lap under my head and that is Felix and we are going hell for leather down the road to safety, a doctor, a bath, some food and drink and an endless amount of sleep. Bond moved and he felt Tiffany's hand in his hair to tell it was all real and just like he hoped, and he lay still again and said nothing and held each moment to him and listened to their voices and the zip of the tyres on the road.THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS

                                                                                  AND INDIA.