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                                            • An undated letter belongs, probably, to about this time.Kurt's arms were round me and he was holding me desperately. "Now I have only you," he said through his sobs. "You must be kind. You must give me comfort."

                                              "But you might have got burned!"Not so with A.L.O.E.! For her these fifty years and more of quiet English existence had been years of preparation, of training, of patience. For her parents’ sake she had dutifully held back, during the noontide and early afternoon of her history, from much that she would fain have done; and though the latter part of her ‘afternoon’ had been full and busy, with freedom to do what she willed, yet even this was not enough. At fifty-four she stood practically alone, with no near relative entirely dependent on her kind offices. She was absolutely necessary to none. Had she been, she would not have gone to India. But finding herself thus unfettered, the thought came up,—Why not devote the Evening of her life to Missionary work? Why not set an example to others who, like herself, might with advancing years be left free of ties? Or at least, why not put the matter to the test of actual trial, and prove whether or not elderly women, and not younger ones only, might go forth to work among the Heathen?

                                                                                      • Goldfinger wore his purple velvet smoking-jacket over an open-necked white silk shirt. The open neck showed a tuft of orange chest-hair. He sat very erect in a high-backed chair. He hardly glanced at the girl. The big china-blue eyes were fixed on Bond. They showed no surprise. They held no expression except a piercing hardness.

                                                                                        'Well, Mates,' said Mr. Peggotty, taking his seat, 'and how are you?'

                                                                                                                                • 1 A pupil of his destroyed himself in the rooms.Your Vertues like its Fruit, are bright and fair.

                                                                                                                                  AND INDIA.