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                                                • Bond had no idea who these men were, who they worked for, what this was all about. On the theory that worry is a dividend paid to disaster before it is due, he consciously relaxed his muscles and emptied his mind of questions. He stood and waited.The advent of Mrs. Gummidge with a basket, explained how the house had happened to be empty. She had hurried out to buy something that was needed, against Mr. Peggotty's return with the tide; and had left the door open in the meanwhile, lest Ham and little Em'ly, with whom it was an early night, should come home while she was gone. Steerforth, after very much improving Mrs. Gummidge's spirits by a cheerful salutation and a jocose embrace, took my arm, and hurried me away.

                                                  'Good Heaven, Mr. Traddles!' said Mr. Micawber, 'to think that I should find you acquainted with the friend of my youth, the companion of earlier days! My dear!' calling over the banisters to Mrs. Micawber, while Traddles looked (with reason) not a little amazed at this description of me. 'Here is a gentleman in Mr. Traddles's apartment, whom he wishes to have the pleasure of presenting to you, my love!'

                                                                                                • "Don't look at them," said Leiter softly. "Turn your back on the track and watch that file of horses coming up. That old bent man with them is 'Sunny Jim' Fitzsimmons, greatest trainer in America. And those are the Woodward horses. Most of them will be winners this meeting. Just look casual and I'll keep an eye on our friends. Wouldn't do to seem too interested. Now let's see, there's a stable-boy leading Shy Smile and that's Budd all right and my old friend Lame-brain in a beautiful lavender shirt. Always a dresser. Nice-looking horse. Powerful shoulders. They've taken the blanket off him and he doesn't like the cold. Bucking around like mad with the stable-boy hanging on. Sure hope he doesn't kick Mr Pissaro in the face. Now Budd's got him and he's quietened down. Budd's given the boy a leg up. Leading him on to the track. Now he's cantering slowly up the far side of the track to one of the furlong posts. The hoodlums have got their watches out, they're looking round. They've spotted us. Just look casual, James. Once the horse gets going they won't be interested in us. Yeah. You can turn round now. Shy Smile's on the far side of the track and they've got their glasses on her to be ready for the off. And it will be four furlongs. Pissaro's just by the fifth post."Bond's voice was eager. 'Very much. There's no other point in working.'

                                                                                                  In July Miss Tucker welcomed with eager pleasure a present from her sister of an 鈥榚xcellent likeness鈥 of the Queen. Charlotte Tucker鈥檚 love for Her Majesty went far beyond ordinary loyalty. It was more of the nature of a personal romantic passion.When she was level with the jetty she stopped for a moment to get her breath. There was no sign of Bond whom she had last seen streaking along a hundred yards ahead of her. She trod water hard to keep up her circulation and then started back again, unwillingly thinking of him, thinking of the hard brown body that must be somewhere near her, among the rocks, perhaps, or diving to the sand to gauge the depth of water that would be available to an enemy.

                                                                                                                                                • Peggotty calling his attention to my sufferings, Mr. Barkis gave me a little more room at once, and got away by degrees. But I could not help observing that he seemed to think he had hit upon a wonderful expedient for expressing himself in a neat, agreeable, and pointed manner, without the inconvenience of inventing conversation. He manifestly chuckled over it for some time. By and by he turned to Peggotty again, and repeating, 'Are you pretty comfortable though?' bore down upon us as before, until the breath was nearly edged out of my body. By and by he made another descent upon us with the same inquiry, and the same result. At length, I got up whenever I saw him coming, and standing on the foot-board, pretended to look at the prospect; after which I did very well.

                                                                                                                                                  AND INDIA.