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                                                • 'Got on the fringe of the heroin racket. Only just got out without burning my fingers. Of course this'll go no further?'

                                                  It had taken Bond a full five minutes to shake off his depression and realize that Ronnie Vallance was relieved to see him, that he was not interested in inter-departmental jealousies and that he was only looking to Bond to protect the Moonraker and get one of his best officers out of what might be a bad mess.Tatiana made a face. She went on with her lunch.

                                                                                              • My personal experience was confined to terrestrial events. And as soon as earth’s brief flicker of lucidity had ended, my attention was withdrawn from this whole sad stream of time, in which the will for darkness had prevailed. For other scarcely less agonizing but glorious events were all the while unfolding before me.Of course the man was mad. A year earlier, the usual quiet tones that Bond remembered so well would never have cracked into that lunatic, Hitler scream. And the coolness, the supreme confidence that had always lain behind his planning? Much of that seemed to have seeped away, perhaps, Bond hoped, partly because of the two great failures he, Bond, had done much to bring about in two of Blofeld's most grandiose conspiracies. But one thing was clear - the hideout was blown. Tonight would have to be the night. Ah, well!

                                                                                                Their drive was spoiled by a curious incident."What's that mean?"

                                                                                                                                            • The movement in the black cave was now definite. A black arm with a black glove had reached out and under the stock.

                                                                                                                                              AND INDIA.