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                                                            • "Fast car," said Drax, pleased with Bond's look of admiration. He gestured towards the Bentley. "They used to be good in the old days," he added with a touch of patronage. "Now they're only built for going to the theatre. Too well-mannered. Even the Continental. Now then you, get in the back."

                                                              What would I have given, to have been sent to the hardest school that ever was kept! - to have been taught something, anyhow, anywhere! No such hope dawned upon me. They disliked me; and they sullenly, sternly, steadily, overlooked me. I think Mr. Murdstone's means were straitened at about this time; but it is little to the purpose. He could not bear me; and in putting me from him he tried, as I believe, to put away the notion that I had any claim upon him - and succeeded.

                                                                                                                      • 鈥極ct. 26.鈥擮ur poor city has been bearing some resemblance to a hospital. Some think that not one of her inhabitants鈥?20,000鈥攈as[236] altogether escaped the fever, and many have died; but I am thankful to write that the sickness is on the decrease.... I cannot, however, go to dear Louis, for the Beutels, who have been very ill, are going to Ludhiana; and their mother, too ill to be moved, must have some one to look after her a little during their absence. I am the only lady available, being well, and with no pressure of work. I am almost astonished at having been so exempted from suffering, when thousands and thousands have been so ill. I have not spent a day in bed ... since leaving England. It is a cause for much thankfulness. Of course I had a little fever, but it has left no dregs. The weather is so nice, that one hardly understands why any one should be ill....

                                                                                                                        After a brief and searching glance round the room, Mr. Wilson banged his hammer softly. "Lot 42-an object of vertu by Carl Fabergй." A pause. "Twenty thousand pounds I am bid."Rapport by design is established by deliberatelyaltering your behavior, just for a short time, in order tobecome like the other person. You become an adapter,just long enough to establish a connection. Preciselywhat you can adapt and how to do it is what you areabout to learn in the chapters that follow.

                                                                                                                                                                                • 'All night long,' said Mr. Peggotty, 'we have been together, Em'ly and me. 'Tis little (considering the time) as she has said, in wureds, through them broken-hearted tears; 'tis less as I have seen of her dear face, as grow'd into a woman's at my hearth. But, all night long, her arms has been about my neck; and her head has laid heer; and we knows full well, as we can put our trust in one another, ever more.'Russian friends. MI5 have put up three candidates. They're all on cases at the moment, but they could be extricated in a few hours. But then the Minister asked my opinion. I gave it. He talked to the Prime Minister and a lot of red tape got cut very quickly."

                                                                                                                                                                                  AND INDIA.