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~::传奇世界私服单职业|Jimena Carranza::~

                                        • “David,” Dr. Bramble began. “Species evolve according to what they’re good at, not what they’rebad at. And as runners, humans aren’t just bad—we’re awful.” You didn’t even need to get into thebiology; you could just look at cars and motorcycles. Four wheels are faster than two, because assoon as you go upright, you lose thrust, stability, and aerodynamics. Now transfer that design toanimals. A tiger is ten feet long and shaped like a cruise missile. It’s the drag racer of the jungle,while humans have to putter along with their skinny legs, tiny strides, and piss-poor windresistance."What if the horse loses?"

                                          A.D. 1876

                                                                              • “Oh! who is that?” said Frances, now directing his attention towards a remarkably handsome young man, who was riding past. The same person was, at the same moment, pointed out to Julia by Lord Arandale, who had been describing the company to her. “That is,” said the Earl, “the Marquis of H?. Now, Julia,” he added, laughing; and lowering his voice, “that would be a conquest worthy of those beautiful eyes!”The whisky came. "I shall miss you out there, Felix," said Bond, glad to get away from his thoughts. "No one to teach me the American way of life. And by the way, I thought you did the hell of a fine job over Shy Smile. Wish you could come along and tackle Spang senior with me. Together, I believe we could take him."

                                                                                "Of course."The white-haired man had been lying relaxed on one of the beds. Now he was up on one elbow and his other hand was at his shirt, half-way up to the gun in the black holster at his armpit. He looked incuriously at Bond and his mouth was square with the empty letter-box smile. From the middle of his smile a wooden toothpick protruded from between closed teeth like the tongue of a snake.

                                                                                                                    • 'Yes, indeed, Mon Commandant.' Bond received an extra two teeth in the enthusiastic smile.' The lady is a good friend of the house. The father is a very big industrial from the South. She is La Comtesse Teresa di Vicenzo. Monsieur must surely have read of her in the papers. Madame la Comtesse is a lady - how shall I put it?' - the smile became secret, between men - 'a lady, shall we say, who lives life to the full.'

                                                                                                                      AND INDIA.