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                                                      • 'Tell him so,' retorted Peggotty, looking out of her apron. 'He has never said a word to me about it. He knows better. If he was to make so bold as say a word to me, I should slap his face.'CHAPTER FOUR OVER THE BARREL

                                                        "Why not let the Special Branch of MI5 handle it, Sir?" asked Bond, reflecting that M seemed to be going through a bad phase of mixing in other people's business.James Bond turned his head slowly. Dusk had crept into the big room and all he could see was a pale, tall outline. The man was carrying a suitcase. He put it down on the floor and came forward. He must have been wearing rubber-soled shoes for his feet made no sound. Tiffy moved nervously behind the counter and a switch clicked. Half a dozen low-voltage bulbs came to life in rusty brackets around the walls.

                                                                                                            • The question had been ignored. "Is there somewhere we can talk?"Chapter 34

                                                                                                              BOND HAD no idea how he managed to stay upright, but at last it was over and everyone cheered and broke up into pairs and groups.I was still standing there, cozily listening, when the thunder that had been creeping quietly up behind my back sprang its ambush. Suddenly lightning blazed in the room, and at the same instant there came a blockbusting crash that shook the building and made the air twang like piano wire. It was just one single colossal explosion that might have been a huge bomb falling only yards away. There was a sharp tinkle as a piece of glass fell out of one of the windows onto the floor, and then the noise of water pattering in onto the linoleum.

                                                                                                                                                                  • 'You had better give it to me to take care of,' he said. 'At least, you can if you like. You needn't if you don't like.'The crouching silence was broken by the clang of a bolt being drawn.

                                                                                                                                                                    AND INDIA.