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                                                • But the scream was only in her mind and Gala, her body a twisted black potato crisp amongst a million others, had already fainted.'I can't be buyer and seller too,' said Mr. Dolloby. 'Put a price on this here little weskit.'

                                                  Strangways was already out of the door. The three men sat back resignedly in their chairs. The coloured steward came in and they ordered drinks for themselves and a whisky and water for Strangways.

                                                                                              • Numbered doors led off the corridor on either side. Now the decor was in the lightest pink with a dove grey carpet. The numbers on the doors were in the tens. The corridor came to an abrupt end with two doors side by side, 14 and 15. May opened the door of 14, and they followed her in.

                                                                                                "Oh, no. Go on, please."

                                                                                                                                            • Kurt's arms were round me and he was holding me desperately. "Now I have only you," he said through his sobs. "You must be kind. You must give me comfort."The human race had in fact attained the kind of stability which insect species have maintained for many million years. Its whole economy had been worked out in intricate detail by the technicians of an earlier age through a period of many decades, and had at last become absolutely stereotyped. Raw materials, produced in appropriate regions and in regular annual quantities, were assigned to manufacturing districts according to a time-honoured plan, to be distributed in time-honoured proportions to the various nations and social classes. The whole industrial technique had acquired a kind of religious sanctity. No variations were to be tolerated, except the seasonal variations which were themselves sanctified.

                                                                                                                                              AND INDIA.