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                                  'I made it. We'll go and fly it, you and I,' said Mr. Dick. 'Do you see this?'

                                  She turned her head. Then, without replying, she slowed the engine down so that they were coasting quietly.

                                                                  As an author, I have paid careful attention to the reviews which have been written on my own work; and I think that now I well know where I may look for a little instruction, where I may expect only greasy adulation, where I shall be cut up into mince-meat for the delight of those who love sharp invective, and where I shall find an equal mixture of praise and censure so adjusted, without much judgment, as to exhibit the impartiality of the newspaper and its staff. Among it all there is much chaff, which I have learned bow to throw to the winds, with equal disregard whether it praises or blames — but I have also found some corn, on which I have fed and nourished myself, and for which I have been thankful.Fly to some calm Retreat, and there retrieve

                                                                  'Me!'The career, when successful, is pleasant enough certainly; but when unsuccessful, it is of all careers the most agonising.

                                                                                                  Bond was on the edge of sleep. He let himself slide down the soft, easy slope. Here it was wonderful. It would be just as easy for him to get back to his room in the early hours. He softly eased his right arm from under the sleeping girl, took a lazy glance at his left wrist. The big luminous numerals said midnight.

                                                                                                  AND INDIA.