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                                                  • Bond held her tight and kissed her. 'Of course, Ruby. You can always get me at the College of Arms in Queen Victoria Street. Just send me a postcard when you get back. But for God's sake cut out the " Sir". You're my girl friend. Remember?'“My children,” said the good old lady, looking kindly at them, “how happy you both look this morning.”

                                                                                                  • Then who wou'd honour such a She,"Evening," said Bond. "Large whisky and soda, please."

                                                                                                    I did not like to leave him, under such circumstances, and we all three dined together off a beefsteak pie - which was one of the many good things for which Peggotty was famous - and which was curiously flavoured on this occasion, I recollect well, by a miscellaneous taste of tea, coffee, butter, bacon, cheese, new loaves, firewood, candles, and walnut ketchup, continually ascending from the shop. After dinner we sat for an hour or so near the window, without talking much; and then Mr. Peggotty got up, and brought his oilskin bag and his stout stick, and laid them on the table.IIn the following chapters, we'll examine the arena ofrapport in much more detail, as well as the value of aReally Useful Attitude in projecting a positive image of22yourself. You'll learn what happens at first sight on thesurface and below the surface and the importance ofhaving your body language, your voice tone and yourwords be congruent, or all saying the same thing. Nocrossed signals, no mixed messages, no confusion.

                                                                                                                                                  • 'Nothing could be more satisfactory,' said Traddles; 'and they are very agreeable old ladies, I am sure. I shouldn't be at all surprised if you were to be married years before me, Copperfield.'

                                                                                                                                                    AND INDIA.