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                                          • As hard to cure, as Dice or Whore,'You are working late tonight, Uriah,' says I.

                                            In every large business, there is one man who is the office tyrant and bugbear and who is cordially disliked by all the staff. This individual performs an unconsciously important role by acting as a kind of lightning conductor for the usual office hates and fears. In fact, he reduces their disruptive influence by providing them with a common target. The man is usually the general manager, or the Head of Admin. He is that indispensable man who is a watchdog over the small things-petty cash, heat and light, towels and soap in the lavatories, stationery supplies, the canteen, the holiday rota, the punctuality of the staff. He is the one man who has real impact on the office comforts and amenities and whose authority extends into the privacy and personal habits of the men and women of the organization. To want such a job, and to have the necessary qualifications for it, the man must have exactly those qualities which irritate and abrade. He must be a strong disciplinarian and indifferent to opinion. He must be a little dictator. In all well-run businesses there is such a man. In the Secret Service, it is Paymaster Captain Troop, R.N. Retired, Head of Admin., whose job it is, in his own words, `to keep the place shipshape and Bristol fashion'.

                                                                                  • 'The C. of B.'s!' said Mr. Gulpidge.So that was what showed! I said, weary with fright, "All right. I'll come. But don't shoot!" And I scrambled out on all fours, thinking hysterically, This is a fine way to go to your execution, Viv!

                                                                                    The thick lips sneered. The man said, "Shove it!" The door shut with a solid click.

                                                                                                                          • ‘Very badly.’

                                                                                                                            AND INDIA.