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                                  • 'You have no mother?' - in a softened voice.'Well, of course, the Albert's significant.' Bond felt a cur. 'You see, there was the Prince Consort to Queen Victoria. He was Albert.'

                                    The jockey started to cry softly. "Jeesus, Boss. That weren't my fault. Happen to anybody." It was the whimper of a child who is going to be punished. Bond winced.

                                                                  • 'No sweethearts, I b'lieve?'We turned into a room near at hand (I think it was the identical breakfast-room, made memorable by the brown East Indian sherry), and I heard a voice say, 'Mr. Copperfield, my daughter Dora, and my daughter Dora's confidential friend!' It was, no doubt, Mr. Spenlow's voice, but I didn't know it, and I didn't care whose it was. All was over in a moment. I had fulfilled my destiny. I was a captive and a slave. I loved Dora Spenlow to distraction!

                                                                    'Have you got your flute with you?'

                                                                                                  • 'Yes,' said Agnes. 'They have some business here; and I took advantage of their coming, to come too. You must not think my visit all friendly and disinterested, Trotwood, for - I am afraid I may be cruelly prejudiced - I do not like to let papa go away alone, with him.' 'Does he exercise the same influence over Mr. Wickfield still, Agnes?'The whole reel of jumbled pictures whirred through Bond's mind in a flash of revelation and even while he was scanning them he was opening his small attachй case and extracting the squat silencer from its hidden pocket. Automatically, as he took the Beretta from amongst his shirts at the back of a drawer, checked the magazine and screwed the silencer into the muzzle, he was weighing the odds and planning his moves.

                                                                                                    AND INDIA.