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                                                          • Uriah's cheeks lost colour, and an unwholesome paleness, still faintly tinged by his pervading red, overspread them. He looked at Mr. Micawber attentively, with his whole face breathing short and quick in every feature."You were Number Two at the time, I think. The CO was an American, a Colonel King from Patton's army."

                                                            SCHWARZ - GESPERRT, meaning that the red and yellow runs were open but the black dosed, presumably because of avalanche danger. Below this again was a painted metal map of the three runs. Bond had a good look at it, reflecting that it might be wise to commit to memory the red, which was presumably the easiest and most popular. There were red, yellow, and black marker flags on the map, and Bond could see the actual flags fluttering way down the mountain until the runs, studded with tiny moving figures, disappeared to the left, round the shoulder of the mountain and under the cable railway. The red seemed to continue to zigzag under the cable and between the few high pylons until it met the tree line. Then there was a short stretch of wood-running until the final easy schuss across the undulating lower meadows to the bottom cable-head, beyond which lay the main railway line and then the Pontresina-Samaden road. Bond tried to get it all fixed in his mind. Then he watched some of the starts. These varied between the arrow-like dive of the Kannonen, the stars, who took the terrific schuss dead straight in a low crouch with their sticks jauntily tucked under their arm-pits, the average amateur who braked perhaps three or four times on his way down, and the terrified novice who, with stuck-out behind, stemmed his way down, his skis angled and edged like a snow-plough, with occasional straight runs diagonally across the polished slope - dashing little sprints that usually ended in a mild crash as he ran off the flattened surface into the thick powder snow that edged the wide, beaten piste.She gave a short laugh. "You must have got eyes in your ears," she admitted. "Dam nearly did just that. Okay. We'll call it quits." She finished her Martini. "Come on. You're not much of a spender. I want another of these. I'm beginning to enjoy myself. And how about ordering dinner? Or d'you hope I'll pass out before you get around to it?"

                                                                                                                  • 鈥楾he interesting Confirmation took place on Saturday, ... after which we partook of the Holy Communion. I think Herbert said that there were 41 Communicants. We never had so many before in our chapel. The dear, saintly Bishop left on Tuesday morning.鈥?Well, well. I'm Smythe. I gather you're from Government House. How's Sir Kenneth?"

                                                                                                                    Despair, rapidly, to an early tomb

                                                                                                                                                                          • "Would this help you change your mind? They've got a slogan for it in Cuba-Rapido! Seguro! Economica! This is how the system operates."'Shove it, Puss,' said Mr Strap inelegantly.

                                                                                                                                                                            AND INDIA.