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                                                • "Yes," said Bond dryly. "I have."

                                                  'His son?' said Mr. Dick. 'David's son? Indeed!'"He's an uneducated kid who doesn't know anything," explains Jackie. "He doesn't know how to handle himself, how to talk, how to act. I give him a part-time job at my place, and I give him a room. He doesn't know what a job is, and he doesn't understand that you get paid. He never saw money. He thinks you're supposed to eat it. He's a crazy lost kid and I play the father figure."

                                                                                              • The first hand was on his ribs. Almost without taking aim, Bond's knife-hand slashed down and across. He felt the blade bite into the puddingy flesh and then the knife was almost torn from his grip as the wounded tentacle whipped back into the water. For a moment the sea boiled around him. Now the other hand let go the wire and slapped across his stomach. The pointed hand stuck like a leech, all the power of the suckers furiously applied. Bond screamed as the suckers bit into his flesh. He slashed madly, again and again. God, his stomach was being torn out! The wire shook with the struggle. Below him the water boiled and foamed. He would have to give in. One more stab, this time into the back of the hand. It worked! The hand jerked free and snaked down and away leaving twenty red circles, edged with blood, across his skin.'Ye-es,' he said, considering. 'Ye-es. Barkis is willin'.'

                                                                                                鈥業 sent dear Mrs. Singha as a present what I believed to be a bottle of lemon syrup, delicious in hot weather.... When next I went to the Banyans, Mrs. Singha told me that I had sent her a bottle of brandy! I was astonished,鈥擨, who am virtually a teetotaller! I could hardly believe it. She produced the bottle; and, sure enough, it was full of brandy. What a villain of a grocer must have sold it, thought I, smuggling brandy in this way.... 鈥淭his is sure to be trashy brandy,鈥 thought I, 鈥渨hich I should not dare to give in a case of illness.鈥 So, in my indignation, I poured it all[384] out on the grass. I also thought that I would write to good Babu 鈥斺€ at Lahore, who had bought the bottle for me, to tell him of the wicked cheat played on him. Most fortunately, I first mentioned the matter to Herbert. 鈥淒o you not remember,鈥 said he, 鈥渢hat when we wanted a large bottle, you emptied your brandy into a small one?鈥 I had perfectly forgotten the fact. O stupid, most stupid, old Auntie! And I had emptied my bottle on the grass!For Robert Tucker himself, cut off though he was in the very prime of life, there could be no regrets, except on the score of all that he might have done, had he lived. No man could be more ready than he was to go. But the blow fell heavily on those who loved him; and though for nine years he had not seen his children, whereby the sorrow to them was softened, yet the loss to their future could not but be great.

                                                                                                                                            • The driver’s jurisdiction, however, only extended as far as the van door. When he pulled up infront of the hotel, Jenn burst loose. She ran into the hotel, skidded across the lobby, and crashedinto a giant fountain full of water plants, smashing her face against the marble and blackening hereye. She emerged soaking wet, waving fists full of foliage overhead like a Kentucky Derbywinner.She turned away from him and looked out of the window at the endless blue sea and at the handful of dipping gulls that were keeping company with their wonderfully prodigal ship. After a while she said: "You ever read Alice in Wonderland?"

                                                                                                                                              AND INDIA.