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~::打金的单职业传奇sf|Jimena Carranza::~

~::打金的单职业传奇sf|Jimena Carranza::~

                                                          While numbers were declining, the average level of intelligence was declining also. The more intelligent were more reluctant than the dullards to burden themselves with children in a hostile world; or else, climbing into wealth and comfort without any social or religious ideals to stimulate them into assuming the burden, they avoided it.An hour later passers-by saw a white Mercedes draw up outside a small house at the Buckingham Palace end of Ebury Street and two kind gentlemen help a sick girl out and through the front door. Those who were near could see that the poor girl's face was very pale and that her eyes were shut and that the kind gentlemen almost had to carry her up the steps. The big gentleman with the red face and whiskers was heard to say quite distinctly to the other man that poor Mildred had promised she wouldn't go out until she was quite well again. Very sad.

                                                          Miss C. O I’m a match for you in all that, and I know Latin, Greek, and American besides."Two hundred pounds. Perhaps more. I expect the ordinary numbers will sell for around a hundred. The first number's always cheaper than the others. People haven't warmed up. The only smart thing you can do at this game is buy the first number. Any of them can win, but the first costs less."

                                                                                                                M. said placatingly, "Forgive me, Dr. Fanshawe. I expressed myself clumsily. I have never had the leisure to interest myself in works of art nor, on a naval officer's pay, the money to acquire any. I was just registering my dismay at the runaway prices being fetched at auction these days."'Is there anything at all on your mind now?' said the questioner. 'If so, mention it, Twenty Eight.'

                                                                                                                'Of course it isn't, you dumb bastard. For God's sake, get it into your head that the Japanese are a separate human species. They've only been operating as a civilized people, in the debased sense we talk about it in the West, for fifty, at the most a hundred years. Scratch a Russian and you'll find a Tartar. Scratch a Japanese and you'll find a samurai - or what he thinks is a samurai. Most of this samurai stuff is a myth, like the Wild West bunk the Americans are brought up on, or your knights in shining armour at King Arthur's court. Just because people play baseball and wear bowler hats doesn't mean they're quote civilized unquote. Just to show you I'm getting rather tight -not drunk, mark you-I'd add that the UN are going to reap the father and mother of a whirlwind by quote liberating unquote the colonial peoples. Give 'em a thousand years, yes.'You'd better call it the 'Molotov Cocktail' after the one you tasted this afternoon.'


                                                                                                                                                                      AND INDIA.