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                                                            • “Saddle up, guys,” Shaggy said. “Let’s go get the bruja.”'Shan't I see mama?'

                                                              “There’s rest beneath the yew; I know6-17-78

                                                                                                                        • "Pemmican," said the major. Then-and later this had slightly disgusted him with himself-he said, "Leave it in the hut. We will share it later. Come over here. Can we see Innsbruck? Show me the view on this side."'Ex-actly.' Mr Du Pont slapped the table-cloth. He sat back. 'Ex-actly. That's what I said to myself after I'd lost -lost for four whole days. So I said to myself, this bastard is cheating me and by golly I'll find out how he does it and have him hounded out of Miami. So I doubled the stakes and then doubled them again. He was quite happy about it. And I watched every card he played, every movement. Nothing! Not a hint or a sign. Cards not marked. New pack whenever I wanted one. My own cards. Never looked at my hand -couldn't, as I always sat dead opposite him. No kibitzer to tip him off. And he just went on winning and winning. Won again this morning. And again this afternoon. Finally I got so mad at the game - I didn't show it, mind you' - Bond might think he had not been a sport - 'I paid up politely. But, without telling this guy, I just packed my bag and got me to the airport and booked on the first plane to New York. Think of that!' Mr Du Pont threw up his hands. 'Running away. But twenty-five grand is twenty-five grand. I could see it getting to fifty, a hundred. And I just couldn't stand another of these damned games and I couldn't stand not being able to catch this guy out. So I took off. What do you think of that? Me, Junius Du Pont, throwing in the towel because I couldn't take the licking any more!'

                                                                                                                          The jockey started to cry softly. "Jeesus, Boss. That weren't my fault. Happen to anybody." It was the whimper of a child who is going to be punished. Bond winced.

                                                                                                                                                                                    • "Security work. I've come across guys like you before. Thought I could smell the cop-smell." Scaramanga looked satisfied that his guess had been right. "Did you get anywhere?"It was a beautiful day and there was heavy dew on the ground, and in the dew I could see the single track of his footprints leading to where the car had been. A bobolink flew crying across the clearing, and from somewhere in the trees came the dying call of a mourning dove.

                                                                                                                                                                                      AND INDIA.