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                                            • Chapter 11

                                              PPS. Try Guerlain's "Fleurs des Alpes" instead of Camay!`Don't kid yourself, old man,' the voice was uninterested in Bond, or in the threat of Bond. Bond didn't exist except as a target. `You're going to die in half an hour. No mistake about it. I've never made a mistake or I wouldn't have my job.'

                                                                                      • "Any increase on ?500?" said the auctioneer. He now knew that he had squeezed all he would get out of the room. "Going once. Going twice." Bang! "Sold to the gentleman over there, and I really think he deserves a clap." He clapped his hands and the crowd dutifully followed suit although they would have preferred the pink girl to win.Bond smiled into her grey eyes. "I only call you Lil on Mondays," he said. "Miss Ponsonby the rest of the week. But I'll never call you Loelia. It sounds like somebody in an indecent limerick. Any messages?"

                                                                                        Mr. Barkis and Peggotty were a good while in the church, but came out at last, and then we drove away into the country. As we were going along, Mr. Barkis turned to me, and said, with a wink, - by the by, I should hardly have thought, before, that he could wink:Bond saw the cold eyes getting chillier, but he was determined not to let his admiration for Drax's achievements be dampened by the older man. "After all, sir," he continued reasonably, "it looks as if he's made this country safe from war for years. And he can't be much over forty. I feel the same as most people about him. And then there's all this mystery about his real identity. I'm not surprised people feel rather sorry for him, although he is a multi-millionaire. He seems to be a lonely sort of man in spite of his gay life."

                                                                                                                                • My first sensations on coming round were of terrific heat and of being dragged along the ground. Then I smelled the burning and saw the flames and I tried to scream. I realized that nothing was coming out of my mouth but an animal whimpering, and I began to kick with my feet. But the hands held my ankles firmly, and then suddenly, with painful bumps that added to the frightful pain in my head, I found myself being dragged into wet grass and tree branches. Suddenly my feet were laid down and there was a man on his knees beside me and his firm hand was over my mouth. A voice close to my ear, James Bond's voice, whispered urgently, "Don't make a sound! Lie still! It's all right. It's me."Curious accent. What was it? A hint of brogue-cheap brogue. And something else Bond couldn't define. Probably came from living too long abroad and talking foreign languages all the time. And that dreadful `old man' at the end. Shyness.

                                                                                                                                  AND INDIA.