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                                            • Secretly, the Pescador was working on a little social-engineering scheme: by taking runners fromas many different villages as possible, he hoped to pit the Tarahumara against each other. Let themtear after each other, he figured, and win Leadville in the bargain. It was a shrewd plan—andtotally misguided. If Fisher had known more about Tarahumara culture, he’d have understood thatracing doesn’t divide villages; it unites them. It’s a way for distant tribesmen to tighten the bondsof kinship and buddyhood, and make sure everyone in the canyon is in fine enough fettle to comethrough in an emergency. Sure it’s competitive, but so is family touch football on Thanksgivingmorning. The Tarahumara saw racing as a festival of friendship; Fisher saw a battlefield.Bond was relieved to be on his own again and to be able to clear his mind of everything but the task on hand. He stood at the caisse and took his twenty-four million francs against the receipt which had been given him that afternoon. He divided the notes into equal packets and put half the sum into his right-hand coat pocket and the other half into the left. Then he strolled slowly across the room between the thronged tables until he came to the top of the room where the broad baccarat table waited behind the brass rail.

                                              There was a thoughtful deliberation in Bond's movements that answered the Chief of Staff's question.

                                                                                        • The two pink crabs scuttled out together and the Greek gathered the cards into his wide left hand and cautiously bent his head so that he could see, in the shadow made by his cupped hand, the value of the bottom of the two cards. Then he slowly inserted the forefinger of his right hand and slipped the bottom card slightly sideways so that the value of the top card was also just perceptible.In December, 1862, Jefferson Davis issued an order which naturally attracted some attention, directing that General Benjamin F. Butler, when captured, should be "reserved for execution." Butler never fell into the hands of the Confederates and it is probable that if he had been taken prisoner, the order would have remained an empty threat. From Lincoln came the necessary rejoinder that a Confederate officer of equal rank would be held as hostage for the safety of any Northern general who, as prisoner, might not be protected under the rules of war.

                                                                                                                                    • "Very good, Mr. Scaramanga. I'll tell him."At first she said nothing, then a tear rolled slowly down her cheek.

                                                                                                                                      AND INDIA.