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                                                      • I got a shock of my own when I hit the river. I’d been concentrating so much on watching myfooting in the dark and reviewing my mental checklist (bend those knees … bird steps … leave notrace) that when I started to wade through the knee-deep water, it suddenly hit me: I’d just run twomiles and it felt like nothing. Better than nothing—I felt light and loose, even more springy andenergized than I had before the start.

                                                        Vallance didn't answer. Instead he pressed a switch on the big intercom on his desk.Bond smiled thinly. "Forewarned is forearmed, Felix. I knew it already. Hendriks has been told to rub me. Our old friend at K.G.B. headquarters, Semichastny, has got it in for me, I'll tell you why one of these days." He told Leiter of the Mary Goodnight episode of the early hours. Leiter listened gloomily. Bond concluded, "So there's no object in getting out now. We shall hear all the dope and probably their plans for me at this meeting at ten. Then they've got this excursion business afterwards. Personally, I guess the shooting match'll take place somewhere out in the country, where there are no witnesses. Now, if you and Nick could work out something that'd upset the Away Engagement, I'll make myself responsible for the home pitch."

                                                                                                            • The EndBut dying Lovers all revive again.

                                                                                                              'Sit down there.' Le Chiffre nodded at the chair in front of him.As an instance of Fanny’s peculiar gentleness, it is told that one Sunday, when she saw a man trying to sell things, she went up and remonstrated with him, speaking[116] very seriously, but in so mild and courteous a manner, so entirely as she would have spoken to one who was socially on her own level, that he was utterly unable to take offence. She was also very generous, giving liberally to the poor out of her limited dress-allowance, in earlier girlish days. This same generosity was a marked feature in the character of Charlotte; perhaps especially in later years.

                                                                                                                                                                  • "Five. Red. Low and Odd," said the croupier obediently.Bond grunted. The obscene delicacy of that'thumb and forefinger'! Bond lit a cigarette and stared into the filament of the desk light, switching his mind to other things, wishing that a signal would come in or the telephone ring. Another five hours to go before the nine o'clock report to the Chief of Staff or to M, if M happened to come in early. There was something nagging at his mind, something he had wanted to check on when he had the time. What was it? What had triggered off the reminder? Yes, that was it, 'forefinger' -Goldfinger. He would see if Records had anything on the man.

                                                                                                                                                                    AND INDIA.