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                                          • Kitt, I should observe, was the name of the creature in pink, with the little eyes.

                                            Dr. Bramble played the scenario out in his head. He imagined a tribe of primitive hominids, allsquat, quick, and powerful, keeping their heads low for safety as they scrambled nimbly throughthe trees. One day, out pops a slow, skinny, sunken-chested son who’s barely bigger than a womanand keeps making a tiger target out of himself by walking around in the open. He’s too frail tofight, too slow to run away, too weak to attract a mate who’ll bear him children. By all logic, he’smarked for extinction—yet somehow, this dweeb becomes the father of all mankind, while hisstronger, swifter brothers disappear into oblivion.And hope without an object cannot live."

                                                                                  • 'I don't insinuate at all,' said Peggotty.The gradual failure of agriculture was of course a very slow process. Ordinary citizens of the empire did not notice it. True, there were great desert tracts in which the ruins of former farmsteads might be observed; but the slow-witted populace never dreamed that this was a symptom of an ever-spreading disaster. Only by comparing the present output with past records could the trouble be realized. But the records and the sacred proportions of agricultural production were known only to the ‘mystery’ of agriculture, in fact to the heads of the world agricultural system. These magnates knew vaguely that something was wrong; but since for sundry reasons it was unlikely that there would be trouble in their day, they held their tongues. The decline was in fact easily concealed, because, while supplies were dwindling, the population of the world was also rapidly decreasing.

                                                                                    The relish with which Mr. Micawber described himself as a prey to these dismal calamities, was only to be equalled by the emphasis with which he read his letter; and the kind of homage he rendered to it with a roll of his head, when he thought he had hit a sentence very hard indeed.

                                                                                                                          • It was almost ten o'clock before we heard the sound of wheels. We all got up then; and my mother said hurriedly that, as it was so late, and Mr. and Miss Murdstone approved of early hours for young people, perhaps I had better go to bed. I kissed her, and went upstairs with my candle directly, before they came in. It appeared to my childish fancy, as I ascended to the bedroom where I had been imprisoned, that they brought a cold blast of air into the house which blew away the old familiar feeling like a feather."Of course."

                                                                                                                            AND INDIA.