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                                            • The source of the courage of the missionaries was, of course, their faith in the spirit. But courage alone might not have achieved so swift and complete a discomfiture of the synthetic faith had it not been reinforced by a sly and friendly ridicule. There was nothing new in the method of the missionaries; but never before had it been used on such a scale and with such expert psychological understanding. And never before had those who used these methods been the emissaries of an established Utopian society preparing to fight for its life.

                                              Above them the candles began to dance. A big hawkmoth had come in through one of the windows. It whirred round the chandelier. The girl's closed eyes opened, looked at the moth. Her mouth drew away. She smoothed the handful of his hair back and got up, and without saying anything took down the candles one by one and blew them out. The moth whirred away through one of the windows.For England, home, and Beauty.

                                                                                        • Charlie. This is Speedbird 510. G-ALGY calling C for Charlie, G-ALGY calling Charlie, G-ALGY…'And 'cause our Sex precipitated first,

                                                                                          鈥極ne must be prepared for all sorts of weather, for burning heat, bitter cold, or furious rain. One may have all three in the course of a week. Then one must prepare鈥攁s for an attack of cavalry鈥攆or a[268] dinner-invitation from the Commissioner鈥檚 wife. One is pretty certain that one will meet some worldly folk, who are inclined to think Natives 鈥渘iggers,鈥 Converts hypocrites, and Missionaries half-rogues and half-fools; so that one must not 鈥渁ppear as a scrub.鈥 I do not wonder that the weary Emily wants to keep in the jungle as long as she can. Ah! if we could but keep in the jungle all the time, I need not pack up my 鈥淐onference Cream,鈥漑69] nor my faithful moire antique. There would be some fun in meeting with a cheetah or a hyena,鈥擨 should not like a bear unless there were a kud[70] between us,鈥攂ut I shrink from the world and his wife. However, Missionaries, like sailors, are bound for all weathers....

                                                                                                                                    • Kerim stretched out his huge hand. Vavra took it and held it and looked into Kerim's eyes. For a moment his own fierce eyes seemed to go opaque. Then the gipsy let the hand drop and turned to Bond. The hand was dry and rough and padded like the paw of a big animal. Again the eyes went opaque. He let go of Bond's hand. He spoke rapidly and urgently to Kerim and turned his back on them and walked away towards the trees.

                                                                                                                                      AND INDIA.