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~::私服只能开两个号|Jimena Carranza::~

                                                          How does Joanne do it? Simple. She knows what shewants: to please the customers and do her job well. Shehas a Really Useful Attitude or, to be more precise, twofully congruent Really Useful Attitudes. She is both36cheery and interested, and everybody benefits: me thecustomer, her colleagues, her company, no doubt herfamily and, above all, herself. What Joanne sends outwith her Really Useful Attitude comes back to her athousandfold and becomes a joyous, self-fulfilling reality."All right then," said M. on a note of dismissal. "Well, that's the lot. See you in a month. Oh and by the way," he added casually. "Call in at your office. You'll find something there from me. Little memento."

                                                          In addition to the duty of detachment from ordinary human experiences, the forwards laid upon themselves a complementary obligation. They must in a manner preserve detachment even from their supreme consecrated task of spiritual adventure. This too, if it should become enthralling to the hungry individual spirit, or lead to any slightest withdrawal of active sympathy from the life of the world, or again if it should be poisoned by any faint breath of self-pride, must be at once abandoned. The penitent would then impose on himself some weeks or months or even years of mundane life, as a farm worker or craftsman, a factory-hand, organizer, or teacher.The station was a brilliant mockup from the Colorado narrow-gauge era-a low building in faded clapboard ornamented with gingerbread along its eaves. Its name, Thunderbird Halt, was in old-style ornamental type, heavily seriffed. Advertisements proclaimed

                                                                                                                  Bond resigned himself and listened to Vallance talking to the House of Diamonds. "Not until 3.30? In that case would you please tell Mr Saye that two of my men will be calling on him at 3.30 sharp. Yes, I'm afraid it is rather important. Only a formality of course. Routine inquiry. I don't expect it will take up more than ten minutes of Mr Saye's time. Thank you so much. Yes. Assistant Commissioner Vallance. That's right. Scotland Yard. Yes. Thank you. Goodbye."

                                                                                                                  I have to acknowledge that I found myself unfit for work on a newspaper. I had not taken to it early enough in life to learn its ways and bear its trammels. I was fidgety when any work was altered in accordance with the judgment of the editor, who, of course, was responsible for what appeared. I wanted to select my own subjects — not to have them selected for me; to write when I pleased — and not when it suited others. As a permanent member of the staff I was of no use, and after two or three years I dropped out of the work.

                                                                                                                                                                          The decline of world-population had started long ago after the period of rapid increase which took place in the early phase of industrialization. It was due partly to the widespread use of efficient contraceptive methods, partly to anxiety about economic insecurity, partly to a vague sense of the futility and falsity of civilization. In the rather tired Utopia of North America, where the decline was first seriously felt, insecurity cannot have been a cause, for prosperity was universal. But disillusionment about a curiously aimless Utopia was a serious factor in American life. The early totalitarian states had always feared decline of population, and had done their utmost to check it, but without much success. The newer totalitarian states, the Russian and Chinese Empires, and the World Empire in its early phase, had attacked the problem with characteristic ruthlessness.The girl at the switchboard at the Ministry of Defence flicked the switch to hold and said to her neighbour, "It's another nut who says he's James Bond. Even knows his code number. Says he wants to speak to M. personally."

                                                                                                                                                                          AND INDIA.