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                                          'And dimple Haig and water.' The waitress went away.Bond stood up. He took a hundred-mille plaque from the stacks beside him and slipped it across the table to the chef de partie. He cut short the effusive thanks and asked the croupier to have his winnings carried to the caisse. The other players were leaving their seats. With no bankers there could be no game, and by now it was half past two. He exchanged some pleasant words with his neighbours to right and left and then ducked under the rail to where Vesper and Felix Leiter were waiting for him.

                                          "Oh," said Drax slowly. "Yes, I see." He cut the cards to Bond and as Bond dealt he felt the other man's eyes examining him carefully.

                                                                                  There was a long and electric silence in the room. Tiger examined Bond's face with piercing interest before he passed the inquiry on to the Superintendent. The Superintendent picked up the receiver of an old-fashioned telephone on a double hook. He spoke into it, then, a Japanese habit, blew sharply into the mouthpiece to clear the line, and spoke again at length. He said, 'A.h, so desu ka!' many times. Then he put down the receiver. When he had finished talking, Tiger turned to Bond. Again with the same piercing appraisal of Bond's face, he said, 'The man came from these parts. He has a police record. Fortunately, he was poorly educated and is known as nothing more than a stupid thug. On the first page of the diary he wrote down his assignment, which was only to follow me to my destination and then report to his master. It seems unlikely that he was provided with funds for expensive communications. But what is it, Bondo-san? Is it that you know these people?'He walked across the broad boulevard and through the gardens to the H?tel Splendide. He smiled at the concierge who gave him his key - No 45 on the first floor - and took the cable.

                                                                                  Chapter 3 The General Post Office

                                                                                                                          "You got yourself a good pal there," said the girl as they watched Leiter slam the door and heard the deep boom of the exhaust as he accelerated away on his long drive back into the desert.“When I get too old to work, I’ll do what Geronimo would’ve if they’d left him alone,” Caballosaid. “I’ll walk off into the deep canyons and find a quiet place to lie down.” There was nomelodrama or self-pity in the way Caballo said this, just the understanding that someday, the lifehe’d chosen would require one last disappearing act.

                                                                                                                          AND INDIA.