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                                        • It is difficult for younger generations of Americans to believe that three months before Mr. Lincoln was nominated for the Presidency he was neither appreciated nor known in New York. That fact can be better established by a single incident than by the opinions and assurances of a dozen men.Ever since, on their way back down the tunnel, and later in Kerim's office while they discussed what Bond had seen, Bond had racked his brains for a solution to this maddening bit of dumb crambo and now, looking without focus at the dying sun, he was still mystified.

                                          Bond didn't much like Mr Spang's question. He went back over his story. It still looked all right. He sat and smoked and looked at Mr Spang, weighing him up.Cursing his fate, cursing Tiger, cursing the whole of Japan, Bond went on his way, while a small voice whispered in his ear, 'But don't you want to kill Blofeld? Don't you want to avenge Tracy? Isn't this a God-given chance? You have done well tonight. You have penetrated his defences and spied out the land. You have even found a way into his castle and probably up to his bedroom. Kill him in his sleep tomorrow I And kill her too, while you're about it! And then back into Kissy's arms and, in a week or two, back over the Pole to London and to the applause of your Chief. Come on 1 Somewhere in Japan, a Japanese is committing suicide every thirty minutes all through the year. Don't be squeamish because you've just seen a couple of numbers ticked off on a sheet in the Ministry of Health, a couple of points added to a graph. Snap out of it! Get on with the job.'

                                                                              • After a brief and searching glance round the room, Mr. Wilson banged his hammer softly. "Lot 42-an object of vertu by Carl Fabergй." A pause. "Twenty thousand pounds I am bid."How soon Mathis had been proved right and how soon his own little sophistries had been exploded in his face!

                                                                                'Oui, monsieur.''You'll excuse my saying, sir,' returned my aunt, 'that I think it would have been a much better and happier thing if you had left that poor child alone.'

                                                                                                                    • I said impatiently, "Oh, I'm all right. But James, do you have to go after them? Let them get away. What do they matter? You might get hurt."Goldfinger beckoned. The man came back across the floor. Goldfinger said, 'His feet are the same, the outside edges of them. Oddjob, the mantelpiece.' Goldfinger pointed at the heavy shelf of carved wood above the fireplace. It was about seven feet off the ground-six inches higher than the top of the Korean's bowler hat.

                                                                                                                      AND INDIA.